Helpful Guides

By below simple ways, you can determine strap width for own beloved timepieces quickly and easily. If you need any assistance then please contact us.

Step 1: Take the strap off watch.                                                          

Step 2: Use a ruler measuring the distance between Lug ends as picture
(the width of Lug ends is 20mm, so this watch fits in 20mm width strap)  ▶▶  

Normally, if the lug of one watch like above that, just measure the lugs width as picture,

then choose same width of nato & zulu strap to be fit for the watch.

▶▶  Install Nylon Nato/Zulu strap       


▶▶  What strap width does fit my Panerai watch?

If you own a 40mm case of Panerai then you need a 22mm wide strap, for a 44mm case you would need a 24mm wide strap and for a 47mm case you would need a 26mm wide strap. Please refer to as 

Panerai ModelStrap Width
40mm case for Luminor22mm
44mm case for Luminor 24mm
42mm case for Luminor Due22mm
45mm case for Luminor Due24mm
42mm case for Luminor 195022mm
44mm case for Luminor 195024mm
47mm case for Luminor 195026mm
42mm case for Radiomir 194022mm
45mm case for Radiomir 194024mm or 22mm
47/48mm case for Radiomir 194026mm